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The 5 things you can give to your pre-schooler without spending a rupee!

By |June 26th, 2017 |

I have 2 marvels in my life – my work as an early childhood educator and my 4-year old niece. The more time I invest in both – discussing, playing, researching, teaching, and parenting, the higher I feel the need to “invest” more with my children and talking to adults, parents and educators about the things I learn from them. It’s been written by many, however I have come to experience it even more closely – our children have a marvelous world of their own! And if only we adults could get a sneak-peak into it, we would realise, they’re [...]

Why I recommend working with young children to every woman!

By |January 4th, 2017 |

When I was an 8-year old my favourite game was ‘Teacher-Teacher’, My sister, my cousins, my friends and every soft toy has been my student during role-play. And I was proudly the “Teacher”. Today at 28, I am a talkative, always-excited and passionate early childhood educator. I became an educator by chance, but THANK GOD for that! My journey to becoming an educator started with a walk around the campus at SNDT Women’s University, Juhu. I thought I’ll just do ‘some course’ till I qualify for an MBA-HR, to become a trainer. Yes, that’s what I wanted to be [...]

Five Things to Do with Your Child at a Restaurant

By |December 20th, 2016 |

You are finally there, at the restaurant you had been planning to go to for days and weeks. You had it all sorted. Dress-up, pack up and get there – your little bundle of excitement in tow. After the long haul of getting a table, deciphering the menu, ordering, and washroom visits, finally, feeling settled, you sit hoping the food arrives soon. But the wait becomes long, as your child’s fiddling turning into runs across the restaurant, accompanied by stares from tables nearby. Yes, we all did this before we reached parenthood. Looked around at young parents, wondering why they [...]

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