Certificate in Online Teaching

teacher This program is designed to provide effective solutions to your most pressing problems while conducting online classes for children. The program is delivered by experienced teachers who have taught children in India and abroad and have a deep understanding of issues arising while teaching children online.

This program helps teachers understand the basic principles of delivering online learning by making proper use of Word, Power Point, Whats App, Google, E-mail, Zoom, Google Meet etc, and all other tools required to conduct effective training from Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile Phone.

Program Outline

  • Session 1: Screen time v/s Attention Span
    Attention Span, Screen time v/s Virtual classroom and Setting up your virtual classroom.

  • Session 2: Great Virtual Classrooms
    Engaging children in a virtual classroom or Making virtual learning concrete and partnering with parents

  • Session 3: MS Word - worksheet making simplified (and quick)
    MS Word demonstration, Simon says - Making Simple worksheet and making a worksheet with the trainer live.

  • Session 4: MS Word - make engaging lessons
    MS PowerPoint demonstration - Story telling, Making MS PPT live with the trainer and Simon says for making lesson on Reading

  • Session 5: Platforms for Virtual Classroom - Part I
    Google Classroom - key features and making optimum use of the application.

  • Session 6: Platforms for Virtual Classroom - Part II
    1. Microsoft teams - key features and making optimum use of the application.
    2. Zoom - key features and making optimum use of the application.

  • Session 7: Internet as a resource
    Google Resources, choosing and using pictures from the internet, using appropriate keywords for surfing the internet.

  • Session 8: Role of Parents
    Virtual Assessments, PTM and role play on Virtual PTM.

  • Session 9: Final Assessment
    Demonstrations by the teacher trainees - the participants will choose a topic, make a PPT and worksheet, conduct the virtual session on one of the virtual classroom platforms with the PPT made and share the worksheet in advance with all the other participants.

Duration: 18 Hours, 9 Days, 2 Hours per day
Mode of Conducting: Live sessions on Zoom
Trainer: Ketki Shah Modi
Start Date: 25th January 2021
Fees: INR 1,890