What we do

To make a positive contribution to the lives of young ones and thereby benefit society as a whole in the long term.

Teachers & Caregivers

TiTLi is an organisation that enables teachers and caregivers to be trained to transform India’s young learners and help them to, like butterflies, spread their wings and fly.

Rural Development

TiTLi runs a teacher training program and Anganwadi program, where the teachers or caregivers understand the best practices in early childhood care and education, and then implement that in their classrooms.

Education Management

TiTLi provides a preschool curriculum, which helps the ECE educators to conduct developmentally appropriate activities for the holistic development of children.

Enggaging Parent

TiTLi also conducts sessions for parents interested in home- schooling and parents who are interested in becoming educators in pre-schools.


To be recognised as the front-runner in quality capacity building in early childhood care and education across India.

To build a whole generation of responsible early childhood educators, who uphold worthy standards of effective and impactful teaching and thereby build a solid foundation for children and inspire them to fly.


To be the partner of choice for institutions who wish to access superior training and resources in early childhood care and education anywhere in India.

To be known for its unique curriculum and effective training techniques to provide early childhood educators long term career growth prospects and partner institutions certified teachers of calibre.

To be engaged with the world of education policy and practice through stakeholders and decision makers and make a positive difference to society.

Core Values






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