teacherThe Course spans over 6-month, with a duration of 525 hours i.e. 325 hours of classroom training and 200 hours of practical training. The training program is run as a train the trainer model wherein the entrepreneur and the key trainer are trained on the business model and academic know-how to implement in further. Detailed trainer readers, training tools and student reference materials are provided to standardize the program. The program is deeply grounded in best practices of instructional and classroom implementation skills. We propose to translate the course in 10+ different languages for getting a national presence by 2017.

  6 month, 525 hours of teaching – learning

  Common Sense Perspective towards learning

  Course conducted by experts in ECCE

 Certificaiton based on comprehensive standards for Pre-Primary Teachers

  Course has been divided into 6 segments:

  • Why to Teach
  • What to Teach
  • How to Teach
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to use technology to aid effective teaching-learning
  • 3-month internship to implement the above learnings in a reputed Pre-School

  Life Membership to Association for Children’s Education

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