I would like to share the thoughts that crossed my mind after the fulfilling training session.
I would want to acknowledge and appreciate every bit of efforts and skills Pranjal have put in, to possibly create better teachers in all of us.
Teaching is for lifetime & carries a huge responsibility in growth of human race as a whole and imbibes in them values, clarity and purpose of every teaching.
I have been part of teaching fraternity for over a decade and have been through multiple roles from teaching to entrepreneur. I strongly believe the course will help the teachers in attaining skills and knowledge to deal with children, the way the training has helped me get exquisite clarity in my thoughts and skills.
The intention of the team to create finest teachers around is a great step taken. Team TiTLi will be the source of knowledge for the creation of teachers which is very essential and will impact the nurturing methodology of the generations ahead. I am personally an example of it.
“Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary”
All the best…keep doing the great work and as I sip a black coffee thinking about the time I spent with Pranjal it makes me feel content and satisfied!!
Rakhee Bathija , Business Partner, TiTLi Learning Centre, Navi Mumbai.